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Captain Doug Alling




'Privacy' highlighted in greenCaptain Douglas Alling, SAMS-AMS, will guide you through the survey process that you are welcome to attend. In fact, we encourage you to be there!
You’ll want a survey for:

  • The purchase of a boat / yacht
  • An assessment of a boat’s condition and valuation ( C/V ) in today’s market
  • A loss prevention survey – usually ordered by your insurance company
  • Damage survey – in case you had a bad day on the water
  • Corrosion survey – when important underwater parts of your boat begin to mysteriously disappear

Each survey performed by Rum Line Marine Consultants LLC is specifically tailored to your needs. And since you’re paying for our services the final survey report is your property alone. (Unless YOU decide to share it.)

Rum Line Marine Consultants LLC can also assist with your project management or if you would like to have an upgrade or damage consultation.

Please call to request an estimate for your survey.

 We offer several payment options.



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