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Types of Surveys

There are several types of marine surveys for yachts and small craft.  Each is tailored your requirements.  When buying a boat a Pre-purchase survey is a must.  If you are seeking insurance or have been insured by the same company for some time a Condition and Valuation survey will likely be required.  And if you have an accident at the dock or on the water you will likely need the services of a marine surveyor for an Insurance survey.


THE PRE-PURCHASE SURVEY: The most extensive survey, the pre-purchase survey will involve examination of the vessel in and out of the water as well as on sea trial.  A full day is typically allotted to complete the survey.  ( See our Pre-purchase Check List to help you formalize your survey arrangements. )

During a pre-purchase survey, every system on the boat will be tested.  We will check for issues that are apparent and those that are not, such as elevated moisture levels, stray current, grounding and bonding.

While the boat is in the water, everything from systems to aesthetics will be examined.  Out of the water we will check all appendages, look for hull distortions, signs of water intrusion and we’ll “sound” the hull to check for delamination.

During the sea trial, checks will be conducted for unusual vibrations, handling and engine performance with reference to manufacturers specifications along with other system evaluations.


Are less involved than a pre-purchase survey and while many of the same systems are examined require less time, typically  3 – 5 hours.  Most can be accomplished with the boat in or out of the water.  If your insurer is requesting this survey, be sure to follow their guide lines.

Douglas Alling is the Southeast representative for Knox Marine Consulting and handles insurance claim work as part of the Knox survey team. Knox Marine has over 100 years of combined surveyor experience. Insurance claim investigations include sinkings, accidents, engine damage and fire investigation.  Knox has surveyors in Norfolk, VA, Richmond, VA and Charleston, SC.  A corporate plane allows travel to even distant locations.


Compilation of the final report often takes as long as the physical examination of the vessel.  Turn around time is usually within a day or two depending on our work load.

Reports are typically delivered electronically, however, if there is another method of delivery preferred, we will work to be sure the final report arrives to suits your needs.


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